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You've reached MaxKnight's homepage. There is little to see here so far. To the left you can find five links to places that you can frequently find me. Below those are two spreadsheets that I feel are some of my best work. The first is a sheet of stats from Shining Force 2, which demonstrates the minimum stats that can be achieved in the game, and simulates the possible stat gains using the actual formulas used in the game, while the second is a reference sheet for Traysia that contains the list of equipment for the characters, the list of treasures sorted by chapter and location, and the list of shops sorted by chapter and location; it's incomplete, though, as I don't have all of the shops for chapter 5, yet.

Finally, my Song Lyrics Database. This was something that I created over a decade ago back when I first started accumulating music CDs and wanted to know what the heck everyone was saying in the songs I was listening to. I'm planning to add more lyrics to this, so if you stumble upon this page, give it a look! I'm really proud of how I managed it, considering I was just a stumbling little programmer back when I first made it...

The Change Log is now available! As I add lyrics, I'll make a note of it in the log.

New spreadsheet now available; was playing Afterlife last month and figured I'd make a sheet charting all the Fate Structures, their capacities, and other neat info that would have been nice to know before playing.