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One of the first stories I ever wrote, originally written for a contest on Maidens of the Kaleidoscope. Follows Alice in the wake of the events of Mystic Square up through her battle in Perfect Cherry Blossom. Somewhat rushed and in many ways lacking, partly due to inexperience and partly due to fear of writing particular concepts. Would eventually be slightly better fleshed out in The Adaptation of Alice.

The Adaptation of Alice

A rewrite of Adaptation that was designed as a multi-chapter story from the get go, and paired with a story called The Other Side which was meant to tell the story of other characters in the same universe as this story. As you can imagine, this one is Alice-centric, and follows her as the events of Touhou play out.

Binding Destinies

The second Power Rangers story I ever started. This one was meant to be a rewrite of the Dino Thunder season, though with some major changes, including giving all of the rangers powers outside of their Ranger Powers. Further, Conner would have a three year-old daughter from a prior relationship, where the mother is no longer around to help. This story was meant to emphasise those that would be inheritors of the Power were already special, and seemed to be destined for those powers to begin with.

The Journey Begins

My first attempt at a Pokémon story; meant to be one following Ash from the start of his journey. This story would feature an Ash that was wholly different from the one depicted in the anime; he would be smarter, more patient, and able to access Aura more than just what little was shown in canon. He would have flaws and drawbacks, though, but as all protagonists should, he would be able to overcome them. I didn't get far in this story, though the plan was to have Misty stick around longer and for them both to catch more Pokémon than they did in the anime.

Mother Alice Touhou Fic

An idea I pieced together from reading a few other stories. The idea was that at some point after Alice is established in Gensokyo, an infant suddenly appears through the barrier with features and magic that feels similar to Alice, so Yukari decides to give her to Alice to raise. The story would mostly revolve around Alice's adventure in motherhood, and although my favorite pairing in Touhou is Marisa with Alice, I was leaning slightly towards pairing Alice with Reimu on this one...

Plight of a Frozen World

One of my few completed stories. This one followed Lyle from Phantasy Star 3 and told a potential story on the events preceeding the beginning of Phantasy Star 3 and some of the earliest events of the game.

The Other Side

Literally the other side of the story being told in The Adaptation of Alice. This one would mostly follow Reimu, though other characters would also be prominent; towards the beginning Marisa would be a major character of this one, but over time she would feature more and more on the other story. Both stories are meant to be read together to have a complete picture.

Shinki Raises Harry

The only crossover story I've started. This one is a cross between Harry Potter and Touhou Project. The idea for this one is Yukari is aware of magic in the outside world, and has always been intrigued with the goings on out there; the British Wizarding Civil War was especially interesting, though what happened at the end of it troubled her a little. She watched baby Harry get left on a doorstep, and decided to intervene. Now Yukari is certainly not the kind of person to raise a child, but she heard that Shinki had recently adopted an infant (Alice), and decides that she can just raise two. Shinki agrees, with some concessions from Yukari to help on occasion.

The Summer After

The first Power Rangers story I wrote. This one takes place at the end of Dino Thunder, and is meant to be a continuation where Mesagog had a backup plan in case he failed.

These Feelings I Have

After years of silence from me, this was the first story I wrote and posted in, I believe, 2014. That said, this was kind of a Christmas present as that's when I posted it. This is a Power Rangers story set in Dino Thunder; a shipping fic if ever there was one. It's short, only a single chapter, and not meant to have a plot.

Unnamed Harry Potter Story

This one was always in my notes as Daphne Baby story; in thise case, it's a story where the infant daughter of Harry and Daphne Greengrass is transported from the future to the beginning of Third Year, and they would have to figure out how to take care of her, while preventing the danger that caused her to be sent back in the first place. I've modified the story well away from what I had started with this; while the prologue is more or less the same, the actual meat of the story as planned is different, from the fact that my plan is to make it so that the infant winds up in an alternate universe where Harry was born Acacia Samantha Potter (a flower name, and a prank from Lily, as her initials spell ASP, a type of snake, something that no one other than Acacia herself has seemingly gotten, yet), and I'm changing the way that the infodump occurs. More changes than that, obviously, but nothing I will elaborate here.

Unnamed Power Rangers Story

Oh geez, this one I actually wrote back in 2011. Still only a single chapter, but many pages long, this was to take place two years after the kids from Dino Thunder graduate. In this one, Conner would be a college student about to start his third year, when he finds a baby abandoned on his doorstep. Rather than just report him to the police and leave it at that, he for some reason feels a wellspring of responsibility and wishes to adopt the kid himself. By chance, Kira started in at the same college, only a year behind him due to her trying for a year to score a recording contract and jumpstart her career, and she winds up helping, even going so far as to move in. I've had this idea almost as long as my originally posted stories, and the fact is, I kind of forgot it a little...!

Where Have You Been Rewrite

No, not a rewrite of anything I've written, but instead a version of a story written by RedHal. No, I don't have permission to actually post this, or ever rewrite it. Someone WAS given permission to rewrite it, but they never actually finished. I thought that the story was a little rushed, though, and wanted to give it a shot myself, thinking that once it was finished I could then ask permission to post it. I only got one chapter in, and I even rewrote it (and I'll admit, the rewrite is much better). This one ranks among the Pokémon stories I most want to write.

Who's Saint Valentine

Just before Valentine's Day 2015 I felt like writing this story. I'm a proponent of the Pokémon World being Earth, just many years in the future. As such, the idea that the old holidays would still be remembered at least by a few people was something interesting to toy with. Thus, mentioning President's Day (yes they are in a future version of Japan, but it's far enough in the future that many of those old national lines are blurred, if not gone), and of course, Valentine's Day. Really just a contrived way to get Ash to take Misty on a date. IT was fun to write, though!